Welcome to Seek His Purpose, a blog of random musings about the Revised Common Lectionary and rural life. 

I am a commissioned lay pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA).  In the World of Presbyterianism, that does not make me a Reverend or a Pastor (or any other Title With a Capital Letter).  It mostly makes me an elder with an attitude. (It also means I don’t wear robes, which sometimes makes it a little difficult to find a place to hang a portable mic.)  

As a disclaimer, the Presbyterian Book of Order points out that “God alone is Lord of the conscience” (G-1.0301) meaning that any statement I make should not be construed as the official stance of the Presbyterian Church (USA)–or sometimes even my own, since it’s fun to throw in thoughts once in a while just to get people fired up.

I am also a former journalist, a freelance writer, political junkie, occasional quilter, cat lover (but also the owner of two unruly dogs), and closet fan of hard rock music (I am a child of the 70s, after all.)