“The Lord said . . . “Now go, and I will be with your mouth and teach you what you are to speak.”  But Moses said, “O my Lord, please send someone else.”  Exodus 4:12-13


A friend who has remained a faithful Christian despite numerous tragedies in her life once remarked to me, “I know God doesn’t send us more than we can bear.  I sometimes just wish he didn’t have such a high estimation of my abilities!”

We sometimes forget that even the great heroes of the Bible, like Moses, were ordinary people, with the same doubts and fears that we face today.  I can identify with a Moses who says, “O my Lord, please send someone else!”


Charlton Heston as Moses

Charlton Heston as Moses

It wasn’t by Moses’ power or strength that the Israelites were led out of Egypt, but God’s. And situations didn’t instantly go well for Moses: it took repeated visits to Pharoah to convince the leader to “let my people go”.  And once he led them out of slavery, Moses didn’t get many pats on the back as a rescuer, but often found the Israelites an ungrateful, unruly lot of people quick to blame him for every discomfort. 


God’s reassurance to Moses that “I will be with you” does not include a guarantee of instant success and happiness.  Perhaps it is not that God has too high of an estimation of our abilities–perhaps it is that we don’t have a high enough estimation of God’s power and promise to be with us always.